About us

JA Motorsport is the India’s Largest Motorsport Company and Built one of the Fastest single-make series- MRF F2000 in Asia.


JA Motorsport is a leading designer and manufacturer of racing cars since 1991.

The company has been contracted by MRF Limited, one of the leading names in the manufacture of world-class tyres, to manufacture and run the Indian Formula Ford Championship since 2008 & Formula 2000 since 2012 respectively.

MRF, known for its expertise in conducting rallies and races seeks its technical expertise and support in the manufacturing of racing cars with continued focus on the new upgrades through JA Motorsport for more than 25 years.

With a team of highly experienced professionals keeping high standards in delivering quality, we take stringent measures to adopt it in our premises with state-of-the-art technology and industrial experience. We have always pursued the road to perfection with no compromise on quality or functionality, ably supported by modern facilities and skilled workforce. We are the home of high performance, with everything under one roof!

At JA Motorsport, we always believe in the perfection of completing the circle with full-fledged services in developing and delivering desired solutions that guarantee speed, efficiency and most importantly high performance.