I am a keen supporter of the MRF Championship because it provides great winter racing opportunities allowing young drivers to prepare for the season ahead in cars of equal performance run by a team of skilled engineers and mechanics. The series helps the drivers to learn valuable skills about car set-up with their engineers as well as further their race craft. The cars themselves are well balanced with a good level of downforce and power to weight ratio. The venues are also very good with established circuits in UAE and India. We elected for Harri to participate in this series to best prepare him for F3. I feel it was very useful in this goal.

– Adrian Newey, OBE is a British Formula One engineer. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team.


MRF Challenge is a really good winter series to practice for the main season. As the car has good performance and they are going on good tracks. Everyone has the same package so the only difference is on the driving. And against good drivers like we had last year, it’s a really comparison.

– Alessio Picariello, ADAC Formel Masters, 2013


I first competed in MRF back in 2011, where I became Vice Champion. The series produces fantastic and competitive racing and helps keep a drivers bum in a seat in the winter season. It was definitely beneficial to me and I would recommend it to anyone

– Alice Powell, Formula Renault BARC Champion, 2010 /  GP3 / Formula 3


A well organized and enjoyable winter series

– Arthur Pic, Formula Renault 2.0 /  Formula Renault 3.5 /  MRF Challenge winner – 3rd, 2013-14 / GP2


 The MRF Challenge is a very competitive and well-organised championship, and I had fun competing in the winter series

– Carmen Jorda, Spanish F3/ GP3 /  Lotus F1 team- development driver


The MRF Challenge provided a great opportunity for me to race in new places and build my Motorsport experience

– Conor Daly, GP3/ MRF Challenge Champion, 2012-13 /  GP2 /  IndyCar Series

The MRF series is the perfect prospect for any driver who wants to keep racing during the winter months, it visits popularly used tracks like Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Dubai which some drivers may end up racing on at some point so it’s a great opportunity to learn them now. With the home race of Chennai, which was probably one of the most memorable races I have ever done and one that I would jump at the opportunity to do it again.

– Harrison Newey, BRDC Formula 4 Winter Championship, 2014 / Championnat de France F4, 2014 / ADAC Formel 4, 2015 / BRDC Formula 4, 2015 / FIA Formula 3 European Championship, 2016/ MRF Champion, 2016-17

The MRF Challenge was one of my favourite championships and I had a lot of fun competing last year. The racing action is always very close on some world famous circuits and it is an excellent opportunity to hone your racing skills over the winter months while your rivals are relaxing back in Europe

– Harry Tincknell, Formula Renault UK Winter series, 2009 champion /  World Endurance Championship (WEC), Nissan NISMO, LMP1


The MRF Challenge is a brilliant place for drivers to further their skills in quality cars on quality circuits. Winter can be long as a driver and to have the chance to continue racing over winter in such a great series really helped me go on to my race winning season in GP2

– Jon Lancaster, Formula Renault 2.0 /  Formula Renault 3.5 /  F2 /  GP2


MRF is a great winter championship with a great car and team of people around helping, they are just as passionate about races as the drivers. Doing the MRF winter championship helped me get extra seat time in a period of the year where it is very limited ‎and therefore help me to improve and learn before heading back to Europe for the season

– Jordan King, MRF Formula 1600 Champion, 2011 /  British F3 champion, 2013 / GP2


MRF Challenge is a fantastic winter series. A complete package to enhance racing skills. It helped me a lot to get back to professional racing, after the win at the MRF race in Bahrain I could sign with Aston Martin racing. I would defiantly recommend to anyone!

– Mathias Lauda, Formula 3000/ GP2/ A1 Grand Prix/ DTM/ Porsche Supercup / GT1 World Championship/ World Endurance Championship.


As a European driver, I simply like the opportunity MRF is giving us to drive during a time when it is quite impossible to do so in Europe. That means that you can stay fit and focused over the winter and work on your abilities to drive, to work with new people and to extend your experience in driving a different kind of car. I felt very warmly welcomed and had a good time, and I appreciate the feeling of having been able to further develop my skills as a driver.

– Mick Schumacher, ADAC Formula 4, 2015


MRF has always been the pioneer in Indian motorsport and the MRF Challenge has become the standard for racing series in Asia since its launch in 2012. It is a fantastic package for young drivers to really learn how a high-grip, high-downforce single-seater works and it’s surely unmatched in terms of the value and track time it offers for experienced drivers as well. A lot of development has been undertaken for the 2015 MRF Challenge with improved tyres and aero package which have made the car significantly quicker and better to drive

– Narain Karthikeyan, Former F1 Driver / A1 GP /  24 Hours of Le Mans /  NASCAR / AutoGP / Super Formula

MRF Challenge is a very competitive Championship. The car is good and I’m impressed with the whole set-up.

– Nobuharu Matshushita, Formula Pilota China, 2011/ Formula Challenge Japan Champion, 2012/ All-Japan Formula Three Champion, 2013-14/ GP2, 2015, McLaren F1 team- development driver, 2016.

The MRF is a great championship with a competative field. In addition to that it has a calaender that races on several F1 circuits/I really enjoyed racing it in 2016, I gained exprience and learned a lot throughout the season.

– Pietro Fittipaldi, NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Champion, 2011/ BRDC Formula 4, 2013/ Protyre Formula Renault Champion, 2014/ Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, 2014/ MRF Challenge Champion, 2015-16.


The MRF Challenge is without doubt the most competitive and cost effective winter single seater series in the World. Together with a fantastic car and first class engineers from Europe, any driver wanting to be well prepared for the European summer season should seriously consider taking part. Not only is it great racing, but you are also made to feel very welcome and can honestly say racing in the MRF Challenge is the most fun I’ve had in my racing career !.. It helps that I was Champion too !

– Rupert Svendsen-Cook, MRF Challenge Champion, 2013 – 14


It’s important for young drivers to get as much mileage possible. Big budgets prevent from doing this, and in that respect the MRF Challenge’ low-cost approach is a great opportunity. The championship finale in Chennai is a real nail-biter. A pure racetrack, for real drivers. And a great closing party to finish the championship. Because of the prize money awarded during every race, you can actually earn money by racing in the MRF Challenge.

– Sam Dejonghe, Formula Renault 2.0 NEC / European F3 Open Championship / Supercar Challenge


I’m the youngest ever Indian MRF Challenge race winner and the reigning Indian National Champion. The great Indian hope is back for the MRF Challenge in 2015 and I’m fired up to fight for the title.

– Tarun Reddy, Protyre Formula Renault Championship / MRF Formula 1600 Champion, 2014 / MSA Formula 4


It’s a great championship that goes to very good tracks and you have a lot of track time. All cars are the same and they share all data and video from all the drivers so it’s much easier to learn. I want to thank the organization MRF for giving me the opportunity to compete.

– Tatiana Calderon, European F3 Open/ Formula Renault 2.0 Alps/ British F3/ European F3


Racing in MRF was a fantastic experience as well as a competitive championship. If offered FIA sanctioned events at great venues with excellent track support whilst still keeping a friendly but serious atmosphere. It also offers a prize fun of £30K which helps any driver chasing a career and I was fortunate enough to win.I would recommend the series to any driver regardless of experience

– Toby Sowery, F3 Cup Champion, 2014/ MRF Challenge Champion, 2014-15