Autocar Performance Show 2014: 230bhp Super Nano showcased

n1Tata Motors originally launched the Nano as a car for the common man, who gets about on two wheels, braving dangers and bad weather conditions that our roads throw at him. JA Motor Sport, however, decided to take this car and turn it into something quite unique – they made what they call the Super Nano. A team of accomplished engineers have used a standard Tata Nano to create one of the hottest track-bred hatchbacks possible.

Headlining the list of enhancements on the Nano is the engine. JA Motorsport has used an in-house four-cylinder 1.3-litre high revving petrol engine that is capable of producing a whopping 230bhp. There’s more. This engine is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox that can be operated via paddle-shifters. The car has not been tested yet, but Joseph Chandy, special projects manager, JA Motorsport told us that the setup is capable of pushing the Super Nano to speeds of around 180-200kph. Other mechanical changes include a bolt-on roll cage, race-tuned suspension and disc brakes on all wheels.

Changes on the outside include an aerodynamic body kit, race-alloys and MRF Z LO slick tyres. The cabin is also clearly built like a track car – the rear bench has been replaced with the large engine. Then there’s the carbon-fibre dashboard, Recaro bucket seats and a flat-bottom racing steering wheel. The steering wheel also has a data-logger, which JA Motorsport says will be used to fine tune the car. However, they say that the Super Nano is still a work in progress, and should be ready by 2015.

Chandy also told us that the company will turn your Nano into a Super Nano, if you are willing to shell out Rs 25 lakh. They will also tune the standard engine on your Nano, adding a turbocharger intercooler to enhance its performance. Now this is a car that would be worth watching, in the hands of Narain Karthikeyan at our track day in 2015.

The 230bhp Super Nano is currently on display at the ongoing Autocar Performance Show 2014 in Mumbai.